Common Questions

And all of the answers!

What is your shipping policy?

United Kingdom Shipping;

We currently only ship within the UK and charge £5 per delivery.

Deliveries can be expected within 5 business days.

Can I return my Flexi Tool?

Due to the nature of the Flexi Tools, all items are non -refundable, unless there is a fault with the item.

I have a fault with my Flexi Tool?

If there is anything wrong with your Flexi delivery, please email us on info@flexiskinlondon.co.uk, and we can arrange for a returns envelope.

How do I clean my Flexi Tools?

The Roller, Sculptor and Cleansing Tool;

Clean using warm water and soap/cleanser after each use, and dry with a clean towel

The Microneedler;

This requires cleaning after EACH use with surgical spirit. This is due to the needles puncturing your skin and is for hygiene reasons. Surgical Spirit can be bought from any good chemist for less than £5.

My Skin feels irritated, what should I do?

We recommend using Flexi Skin Tools 2-3 times a week, until skin builds up a tolerance to the tools, after which you can use more frequently.

If you have sensitive skin, do not use Tools with harsh skincare ingredients such as physical exfoliants or chemical exfoliants.

If your skin begins to feel irritated, stop using the Tool for a week long period. Use a lightweight moisturiser and stay away from astringent or harsh skincare ingredients.

Always use Sun Protection after using Flexi Skin Tools.

How do I order wholesale?

For all wholesale enquiries, please email us on info@flexiskinlondon.co.uk

Any other questions?

We’d love to hear any other feedback or questions!

Please contact us on info@flexiskinlondon.co.uk